Monday, June 18, 2012

Paint Can Wrap for

This was a project I've done for where I had to create a wrap and lid for a paint can for travel promotional purposes.  I picked four countries for this wrap displaying the essence of each culture's architecture and a couple's dance from each country. I did a lot of research for this project including studying ancient pattern work and architectural elements, finding sacred symbols (and animals) of the cultures, and watching videos of each dance to study the movement. While picking the color palette I chose to keep it simple so the detail of the architecture and the movement of the dances would stand out but not compete against each other.  While put together in the final piece, each country's color palette flows to the next, keeping your eye moving easily around the can. For the lid I also kept it simple by having the flags of each country drawn out in linework around the logo.

The Dances - China: the Chinese Fan Dance, Spain: the Tango, Ireland: River Dance, and India: the Kathakali.

This project was long and tedious, but I loved how it came out in the end! 

And here's the final piece! :)


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